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Employ 5

During my employment with Thomas Direct I have had a very happy association with the company for 14 years. I have always found management to be hands on, visible and encouraging; Call coaching is always a positive and extremely helpful and available at all times.

Employ 4

I’d really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at TD, your kindness, caring and support over the years, your understanding and tolerance of not only my issues but the numerous others who have the opportunity to work with you.

Employ 3

Re-entering the workforce after having children can be a difficult step to take. Here at Thomas Direct it was made easy. The hours are flexible and the work is enjoyable. My Team Leader (Ruth) really appreciates the fact that I am a wife and mother with young children, she is understanding and compassionate when the inevitable emergencies pop up. I feel like a valued member of an amazing team and love the fact that I can ‘escape to work!’.

Employ 2

I have never done telemarketing before, however, with the high standard of call coaching and training, I have learnt a great deal and I have never looked back. I feel like I am in a family oriented environment, as everyone is very friendly, work colleagues, staff members and employers.

Employ 1

Thomas Direct allows me to work flexible hours and look after my grand children. I love being part of the team which range from the age of 20 to 60. I enjoy the work which is made a pleasure from my team members and team leaders Ruth and Chrissy. Ruth and Chrissy will turn over backwards to help each and every member of the team.