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How to Choose a Telemarketing Company to Represent You

Do you want a partnership with a telemarketing company that represents your NFP?

As a charity, your image or brand and the relationship you have with your supporters is everything. Without that, supporters drop off and funds decrease. This is why it’s essential that you select a telemarketing company that will represent your charity properly.

For example, in Australia, the average age of a not-for-profit supporter is 56 years old. Do you want a 21-year-old university student located off shore using scripted “pressure sales” to sell your raffle tickets or request donations? Or would you rather have a mature, Australian-based specialist who has extensive industry experience to deliver your message in a way that is relatable and authentic?

The key things you need to remember and think carefully about are as follows:

  • Your reputation and relationship with your supporters is the most important thing you have, so the telemarketing company needs to maintain that relationship and align with your brand’s ethics.
  • You need to understand exactly who will be talking to your supporters. Are they going to be able to continue and improve the relationship you have with your supporters? Are they going to treat your charity and brand as their own?
  • Your approach to soliciting a lottery ticket sale or donation is integral to your company. You don’t want to use a telemarketing company that uses “pressure selling”, as this approach can alienate some supporters.
  • Consider how the telemarketing team is treated. Do they have a high staff turnover? How are their staff paid on a salary plus commission?

TIP: If the team is paid a commission, this can lead to people being pushy to get the sale or donation, putting your supporters’ goodwill at risk.

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