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Cost of Telemarketing

The Cost of Telemarketing in the Charity Sector

Do you want the best return for your investment?

At the end of the day, your telemarketing campaign needs to provide a good return on investment. You need to make sure it raises the funds you need over and above your costs.

Getting the right pricing structure in place that is fair to all parties is vital to the success of your campaigns. It’s important that you pay for what your telefundraiser partner does and not what they say they can do. Always ask for a price which includes all fees and costs.

Establish upfront that there won’t be any extra costs like meetings, phone call costs, postage, stationery and printing added on later. Cost-per-call or cost-per-minute contracts can encourage the telemarketers to simply dial as many people as they can without taking the time to listen and engage with your supporters.

The key things you need to remember and think carefully about are as follows:

  • Getting the right pricing structure is vital to the success of the campaign.
  • What and how you’re paying for the service is critical for both a return on your investment and to keep the team working on the campaign appropriately motivated.
  • Be aware of commission structures that encourage people to “stretch the truth” to get the sale or donation.
  • Make sure you are working directly with the key people.
  • Check you don’t have any penalty clauses in your contract that makes you pay when the telemarketing campaign hasn’t performed to expectation and you need to cancel the campaign early.
  • Always have a written agreement in place.

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