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The Importance of Campaign Reporting in Telemarketing

Every campaign is only as good as its metrics; therefore a good company will clearly define understandable metrics before your new campaign is launched. Stats can be misleading and you need to understand exactly how the identified metrics are contributing to your NFP.

First up, make sure you identify the key results and message that you need to achieve to know if the campaign is successful. Often this can be as simple as sales or donations per hour.

Next, think about any supporting stats you’d like to receive about your campaign that measure activities that drive your desired results. This could be things like calls per hour and the number of no answers or in a myriad of metrics. Be careful here, though. This is where you can start to slip into overanalyzing numbers if you’re not careful.

Lastly, establish your reporting requirements and agree on the timing of the reports.

Make sure that the company doesn’t plan to bombard you with analysis so that it becomes too hard to understand and decipher. This is not helpful for you or them.

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